Tracks & Traces

Tracks & Traces is a contemporary multimedia dance performance, that exploring how our bodies remember a person through the senses: smell, photos, temperature, lipstick stain, sounds, writings, etc. Focusing on touch, sight and hearing, how it links to memories or histories.

By Lee Wen Yan, the choreographer:
" With a familiar scent, touch or sound, I fell in reminisce about that someone. When I miss that someone, my body tries to recall its memories or even look for something that triggers the pouring of our histories.These traces bring a variety of emotions that strengthen the impressions of our stories We leave traces on everyone we meet. Some ignored, some forgotten, some remembered."

The performance is using coffee powder as the main medium.
So the team decided to use ink and powder effect to draw these illustrations, to enhance human touch.

Art Direction: Way In Studio
Handwriting: Yip Choon Hong

filed under commercial, dance performance


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