Mika Chinese Wedding Gift Box
石榴 柿子 栗子 桂圓

石榴 多子多福 POMEGRANATE: "One hundred seeds, one hundred children", the pomegranate is a powerful symbol of fertility, abundance and virtuous offspring. ___柿子 事事如意 PERSIMMON: Revelled for its sweet and succulent flavours, this delicious red fruit symbolises a joyful and happy family life. ___栗子 早生貴子 CHESTNUT: It is given as an auspicious wedding gift to wish the wedded couple success in conceiving a child. ___桂圓 圓圓滿滿 LONGAN: Round and juicy, longan signifies being perfectly whole and living a full life overflowing with love and happiness.

Art direction: Way In Studio

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