Mosquitoes Are Everywhere!

"Nyamuk Kat Mana?"

Illustration for a storybook about mosquitoes, telling good and not so good ways to prevent yourself from getting dengue.

Written by Edward Ong / Farid Ajlan
Art Direction by Emily Tan

You'll find them in a hot and humid places.

And in below freezing temperatures.

They us bite here, there and in places we can’t reach,
Spreading terrible diseases wherever they go.

Just how do we get rid of these annoying creatures?

People have tried all kinds of ways...
Dried cow dung is said to repel mosquitoes.
Just don’t mistake it for a biscuit!

You could use nature to fight nature.
Except nature sometimes get in the way.

You could use a mosquito zapper.

Dressing up like a big mosquito is not going to work.
Mosquitoes don’t care what you look like!

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